Tempest 3 months in (and one replacement) review šŸ˜ž


  • Took delivery of the first unit on August 28th.
  • Installed it on the roof with a short 12" mast bolted to a concrete wall, virtually eliminating all vibrations (see image below).
  • Connected to a Ubiquiti Unifi nanoHD access point (-42 dBm).
  • Replaced the unit on October 12th because it kept going offline.


  • Reliable temperature, humidity, pressure and illuminance readings.
  • Excellent iOS/Android/web application.
  • Looks good.


  • Last night (December 5th) we had a light rain (woke up to wet streets) which went completely undetected (see image below). No notification. No accumulation. Like it never happened.
  • Station keeps going offline once or twice a week. If Iā€™m not at home to power-cycle it, it becomes useless.
  • False lightning strike notifications every now and then, triggered by traffic (heavy trucks, fire engines etc.) in front of my house. Cry wolf in full effect now.
  • Light wind reporting, although accurate in intensity, is all over the place in direction, with subsequent readings swinging wildly, often with diametrically opposite values. Again, basically useless.
  • Very expensive $330 temperature, humidity and pressure sensor. Not really good for much else IMHO.

Would I buy it again: no.
Would I recommend it: no.

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