Temperature wrong?

I was just checking the temperature the TempestWx is reporting today.

It says 15.6C - but actual temperature (Fluke 971) is 18.3 at same location?

That is a huge difference. Is there a way to “offset it”?

Or is my unit defective?

I have already given up on using the rain sensor as that does simply not work. So do I have to give up temperature as well?


if you say same location, same place, same hight, in shade, wind … many details can alter temperature.

I have several thermometers in a Stevenson screen and the Airs inside and the tempest outside, biggest delta I get is 0.4°C between 2 instruments in the screen and a tempest 9 meters higher on a pole.

If you are sure your readings from the fluke (yes I know pro stuff) is correct (taken in correct situation compared to the Tempest) it is not normal and you should open a support ticket. There is no way to change it at our level. But again be sure you measure temperature in a controlled manner.

yes exact same location averaged over 15 minutes allowing the Fluke to settle as the 971 is not instant. Fluke sensor actually in the shade from the Tempest to keep it out of the sun.

I’ll keep an eye on it overnight - but I think it might overcompensate for sun hitting it?

I have more expensive calibration equipment for temperature - but I rarely take them outside. :slight_smile:

Tempest does indeed compensate according wind and solar radiation (WF did calculate heating of the housing etc), could be it does too much … once you have a good idea, open a ticket and it will be solved somehow.

Ok - double checked today and still big difference between all my other sensors and tempest. So opened a ticket.