Temperature & RH No Longer Reporting

Hi All… Need some guidance. Wonder if anyone else has experienced the problem I am experiencing. I’ve owned my Tempest since October 12th. Last night my tempest registered a 15 degree drop in temperature (which was an erroneous reading) then all day today my tempest now is not registering any temperature or RH data. I just have dashes on those fields on the station in the Tempest app.

Has my tempest gone defective? It’s mounted about 50’ off the ground on the peak of my A Frame home. We’ve had normal mountain weather… I’m not understanding why this is happening. Wind reporting seems normal. Rainfall seems to be a bit off… it registered 0.03” of rain today. Which can’t be accurate considering it was densely foggy and rainy all day today.

In the sensor status is shows the RH and Temperature has failed. Does this mean the unit is fried?

Maybe a reset would help in some cases.
But if that doesn’t work you better contact WF support.

I rebooted your Tempest but that didn’t seem to solve it. Sensors still show dead

Please do open a support ticket and customer support will help you out. Sorry this is happening

Hi Eric. Yep I did on 10/18/2020. I have yet to hear back from anyone at Weatherflow. For only having the unit for two weeks, considering what the tempest cost me. I’m Pretty disappointed that this happened and that two days have lapsed and no one has replied back to me about a remedy…