Temperature readings low (seasonally affected due to siting)

Over the past couple of weeks the temperature readings have been off by about 5 degrees on the low side as compared to my Ambient weather system. This was never the case before. Is this part if the learning algorithm?

@gjd50 Thanks for the report. This is not the WeatherFlow learning algorithm. Is your AIR located in exactly the same spot as your Ambient? Do you have a third instrument to determine if your Ambient is correct? What’s your station ID?

Without knowing any details…here’s our wild guess. Your Ambient is mounted in the sun. Your AIR is mounted in the shade. The seasonal change /sun angle has caused a delta in solar radiation influencing either your Ambient or your AIR and causing the perceived temp difference. Just a guess. Normalize by locating both in exactly the same spot for a day or two, or test with a reliable third instrument.

Let us know. Happy to investigate. - WF

The units are about 5 feet apart. I only compare temperatures when the sun is on the other side of the house and no longer a factor.I agree with the seasonal change/sun angle but I am not sure if that is the reason. Other WeatherFlow systems in the area are also reporting higher temperatures. How do I find my station ID?

station id is under settings , stations, [your station], status

I made a tutorial on the station ID.
Please have a look on Station ID: How to find and what is it good for

This morning the readings were only 0.5 degrees apart so the temperature difference must be seasonally dependent. My station ID is 7715.

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