Temperature measurement

The temperature measurement is integrated in the device and because of the wind measurement it is mounted on my house roof. But this does not correspond to the WMO standard. According to the WMO standard, a thermometer for measuring the air temperature must be placed on a level surface (ideally cut grass) and two meters above the ground.
Will you ever build a thermometer that can be mounted like this?
I still use Netatmo in parallel and there I have the option of additional measuring devices. But for technical reasons I would like to do without Netatmo. The Myatmo app has a very interesting display of the measured values, maybe you can also use the data before Tempest.
Kind regards from Switzerland

these standards are in place so you can compare measurements and use them in a model. I’m assuming you bought a station because you want to know the weather at your location. Put it in a spot where you want to know the weather conditions and you should be fine.
How does the tempest temperature compare to the netatmo?

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Yes, the measured values are comparable, only the temperature is much higher on the roof in summer

make it a green roof :wink:
btw the previous product consisted of two separate units, SKY and AIR. You placed the AIR in a shaded place as it did the temperature,humidity,pressure and lightning measurements.

Hello I have the same problem with the rain sensor temperature problem

the best you can hope for is that it is accurate where ever you place it. If you place it in the middle of a black flat roof, you better measure higher temperatures in mid summer. If it didn’t the unit would be broken :wink:

The Tempest is not a precision instrument. It is a consumer grade product meant to provide non-scientific information to individuals.


Unfortunately this is not possible

[That’s true! But it shouldn’t measure the high temperatures on the roof for me, but rather provide approximately correct values from the garden.

Looking at your picture, seems under the pole there is a concrete bloc. Maybe already paint it white so it accumulates less heat under sunny conditions?

Can I still buy the WeatherFlow SKY and WeatherFlow AIR devices?

No, those are discontinued.

no, there are no new SKY’s left. (mine broke down a few weeks ago, I’m getting a refurbished one because no new ones were available).
But perhaps someone is willing to sell you his/hers to you.

@pi1 perhaps you are better off by mounting it on a pole in your garden instead of the roof, as that seems to be the place you want to know the temperature.

Yes, that is correct, but the wind measurement is correct on the roof

For sure the wind at the roof doesn’t give an “official” wind measurement. Official should be something like 10m above a wide open field of grass. I guess you could put a higher pole in the garden so it is at the same height as it currently is. (depends on your garden of course). Placement in an urban environment will be a compromise. Just pick your best spot.

Yes, I make the compromise with the roof, because if I put a 10 meter pole in the garden, then I’ll be back at the height of the roof :wink:
Thanks for the help!

btw this close to the edge of the roof, it might measure a lot of turbulence. There always will be better and worse spots on the roof. wind direction measurements might be erratic, depending on the direction where the wind is coming from. Your windspeed probably will be higher when it is coming from the south. Again, compromises have to be made with the placement, even when on the roof. Good luck.