Temperature down dash line

Hello is anyone seeing their tempest temperature showing dash lines right now ? Mine started this at 2:05 pm. Today I’m wondering if this is a problem due to the fact I never saw this happen before. Thanks

To check the status of your device, in the lower right portion of the web page there is a little green indicator next to the word “Online” and if you click that “Online”, it will take you to the “Status” page of your device. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and check the “Sensor Status” (4th item up from the very bottom). If it states “OK”. . .then everything is fine. If it states Temperature RH Failed…then there could be an issue which warrants a support ticket to be opened.

Your Tempest is offline since 31 minutes even if what storm_tracker describes is correct and it shows ‘online’ for now. It hasn’t reported since 31 minutes.

try to reboot the tempest with a short push on the led. See if it comes back and blinks a few times green and off from there or if it shows red/pink.