Temperature change after hub upgrade

I have only had my Tempest since late June. But when I first received my unit I noticed the Temperatures were within a few tenths of a degree of the two sensors running on my old OS unit. Right after the hub software upgrade I am now off by as much as 2 degrees form my two other probes and some nearby stations. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a change?

Yes latest hub firmware added some algorithm for shield radiation as explained in this post

Since the update my station has been getting cooler temperature readings.
It has made my station the lowest temperature reading in my area.
Maybe over done a little??

I would say perhaps they missed the boat in my case. I had read this, so my question/statement was are there any others seeing a significant degrees. I still have a discrepancy on windy days.

Yes, I noticed the same thing. Before the upgrade my Tempest was always pretty much exactly the same temperature as my 15- 20 year old Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station with Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield. After the upgrade is has been 1-3 degrees lower then my Davis Station. Currently my Davis stations shows 65 and the Tempest is showing 63.

Since my Davis station is so old I am not sure how accurate it is anymore. But, it is interesting to see the change after the Tempest hub firmware update.

Basically the new firmware adjusts your temperature readings based on the light+wind sensors, trying to mathematically correct the sensor reading for how the sensors are believed to read high due to the case heating up thermally.

So in no wind and bright light, it might correct a lot, or so it seems.

My experience with the production Tempest is that mine seems to consistently read a couple degrees cooler than my VP2 when in bright sunlight, but in my case I’m concluding so far it’s more likely that the light sensors seem to read too high on that unit. My field test Tempest seems to be much closer to the VP2 temperatures when in full sun. At night they all agree.

My v143 hubbed Tempest in the blazing sun also reads 2-5° cooler than its co-located 5-in-1 (and the rest of the neighborhood) so the correction seems to be too aggressive. Wind or no wind it still reads low, but when it’s dark the Tempest is pretty much in lock step with the others. I’m guessing the wizards will keep refining the correction, but meantime I comfort myself with the adage “man with two thermometers doesn’t know what the temperature is”.

That said though, it’s a lot more fun to complain about how hot it is when it’s 100°… at a mere 95° it seems a little whiney. :crazy_face:

Is the SR reading a little high? If that calibration is off I’m sure it would over correct the temp.

good question! But I have no idea what normal solar radiation readings are supposed to be at my location. A fairly-nearby station reports significantly lower SR readings(707w/m3 them, 1030w/m3 tempest) but they’re maybe a mile away, up in the hills and are showing intermittent cloud/shading at the moment whereas the tempest (and the webcam) is showing unblinkingly clear.