Temperatur numerical values in graph view inconsistent {solved}

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As I know, the dew point is always <= the temperature.
Hence I would like to see the value of the temperature first, the dew points second. Let’s the tempgraph might always be above the dew pint’s and the temp. Is the basic value… moreover it is inconsistent between the different apps:… it seems to be an iOSs App issued…
See screenshot of the iPad -App:
And at the iPhone:

And in contrast from the Android Phones App :


or the web: IMG_1682

Good find @dsfg . Will add to the list of bugs to squash. Thanks!

@dsfg This issue has been addressed in our development build and will be part of the next App Store release.


@dtrauger : maybe, you could although switch the representation of the time to 24h mode or add at least the am or pm.?

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