Temp Forecast off

I am getting a temp reading from noon on that is 5-7 degrees off of what the temp actually is. Currently reading 88 but three other devices say its 93 out. But what i just discovered was that the forecasts moving forward show same temp decline. Forecast on Tempest app is 95 for tomorrow as a high but it will actually be 102 to 103. Not sure there is an answer for this but sure wish it was accurate in the afternoons. Nails it before noon. HUH!

So i tracked for two days. I loose accuracy from noon to 8pm but by 8pm it matches all the other 3 temps i have in my region. I guess i just live with it but was going to install one in Az this winter but i dont see why if i get wrong temps

If the other temperatures you are comparing to are not co-located with your Tempest sensor, then you can’t really use them for accurate comparison. Maybe those others are reading high due to something that effects them when you think your station is misreporting.

PS. I’d be more than happy to look at your station further but you still have a bad link in your profile which points to a nonexistent station, and I’m not sure I actually found your station in my previous post to you in the other thread. Please update the link in your profile.

You did find my station last time.

I see your station has a lot of green Ag and golf course around it while the other stations to the west have more dirt/rock around them for a half mile or more. The towns to the north and south don’t have as much green as you do, so maybe that’s part of the cause of daytime temperature difference. Those areas seem to be a bit higher temperature. The station to the south also has green Ag around it and is running 1 degree lower than yours right now. Where I live, we sometimes get over 50 degree temperature difference in less than 10 miles… makes for some great thermal wind to play with!

Snip from a local meteorologist article from a year ago “an epic temperature gradient developed along the Central Coast. At 2 p.m., Diablo Canyon Power Plant reported 55 degrees Fahrenheit, while just a few miles away, the PG&E Energy Education Center in Avila Valley was at 108 degrees. That’s a 53-degree temperature differential or delta T.”

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