System Installation interface

New client system installation issues (Android App):
I would like to take this opportunity to share my difficulty with an apparent flaw in the installation interface, and lack of live installation support, which support would have been very helpful.

As I was attempting to set up the hub, it and the app got confused after I entered the wrong LAN password, and didn’t get the hub linked with my router. There was no apparent way to start the installation over from within the app. I messed around for about 2 hours trying to get the hub working. I tried resetting the hub several times (and unplugging the hub), in combination with other efforts, along with deleting and reinstalling the app.

I kept getting to a point in the App where I could do nothing to go forward. Each time I tried to add the devices, I would get the error that the hub was not connected (To what: my app or the network? Apparently it was referring to the network), but I was never able to directly address that issue from within the app. Finally, after various combinations of efforts, which I don’t recall exactly how it happened; it just magically happened; the hub finally, once again, asked me to set up the network link, and I was able to proceed.

It was very frustrating with no live support to help out. There definitely needs to be a way to start the installation over built into the installation interface. To sit there with that error message, with no path in the interface to resolve it, was very frustrating. Hopefully sharing these concerns will be helpful.

I had a similar experience upon first installation: I got ‘device not found’ message after inputting my device serial number. I could get no further. I went to bed. Got up in the morning and it was working. Overnight it had accepted my device number apparently all by itself.

I have the same problem with a new setup… I cant get past the “Enter hub serial number”
I can see the hub in my phone bluetooth available for pairing so why is this app not working? Where is the support?

It doesn’t even seem like that app is even trying to connect… it instantly says “device not found”

I can’t proceed… this device is too expensive to have this problem