Syntax Error in JSON

About a week ago, I started getting some JSON parsing errors on a station/observation REST calls, I didn’t have logic in my code to catch it, and the problem went away before I could get the code it. But it started happening again, and I was able to catch the JSON and from what I can see, the problem is with the status{status_code}. There appears to be some garbage in the name “status_code”. If I copy it to the clip board and then try to paste it out in vi, the buffer only holds up to the “d” in code. Likewise, if I look at the data in the console, the data after the “d” does not appear to be valid.

It happened for about 10 minutes, and now it has stopped. Started at about 21:55 eastern time and as of 22:10, its not doing it anymore.

This is one for @corrineb and her team. They will be able to look into it

Thanks for the report @mabeatty1978 and for the tag @peter. We are taking a look.