Switching the regular hub to cellular hub

Would it be possible to change out the regular hub to the pro hub when it comes out? Would like to keep the data coming in when the power and wifi goes out. I’m planning on using a UPS to power up the hub during power outages.

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What is the pro hub?

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My question too. I only know of the Air/Sky Hub and the Tempest Hub.

The pro hub is suppose to be able to connect cellular if the wifi goes out. It’s suppose to come out with the storm/fire system.

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Have you heard any release dates?

I’m assuming it will be in October like the cellular version of the Tempest. @dsj @WFstaff can give us more details.

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that any and all hubs will support all the WF sensors (Air/Sky/Tempest) from everything we’ve seen so far. I’d worry more about ‘will it ever be released’ if they don’t get enough buyers to make the development+support worth their effort.

(remember the Breathe ? That one never saw the light of day, although they didn’t sell them so perhaps it’s not a totally fair comparison)

FWIW, I have a ~$300 bet out on Kickstarter that says the cellular Pro Hub will be released…


Yes, you will be able to swap the hub out. At this point you will not be able to keep the same station ID but WF have said they will be able to link the data so you don’t lose the history. Here is the process:

From the July 28, 2020 update on Kickstarter

Storm & Fire Ready Kit and Tempest Remote System: We are building something truly exciting with these Pro Hub versions of the Tempest System, though the time and effort required to deliver a perfect finished product have caused delays. We will be sending out a Backerkit survey next week to provide an updated timeline and new options for fulfillment of Pro Hub versions of the Tempest.

Check Kickstarter or Indiegogo to learn more about the two Pro Hub options. Tempest Shipping Update & More also refers to the Pro Hub systems.


Here are some posts with ideas about powering the hub during a power outage:

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I put my hub on a battery bank that is always on, i.e., does not switch off when charging. I also purchased a UPS backup power supply, and use that for the hub/power bank, modem, and security camera system. In theory that would keep everything going during an extended outage but, alas, my DSL phone service goes down when the power goes out. As a result I could not monitor anything remotely during the outage but at least the power bank and UPS kept the hub and camera system awake so data continued to be collected and saved.

To answer your question, Yes. Make note of your current stationid and devices. Once you have the new hub set up with the device email support with the old ids and the new ids. Your old data can be moved to the new ids

I was wondering if the * Pro Hub

  • Hub Battery Backup
  • Weatherproof Hub Enclosure with Solar Panel

in the remote kit was going to be available for a separate purchase once the 178 backers from the 2 different starter pages are filled or are you even going to produce and fill these orders .
I would like to buy just the kit minus the tempest as I have 3 tempest now and I would like to use one on 82 acres I own during deer season aprox 3-4 months a yr


I can’t say either way but based on past history I think WeatherFlow will meet your needs.

Yes but I can’t just say “yes” because I need at least 20 characters



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Thanks I will keep my eyes open for when they are released


Did you read my PM to you

And also support HomeKit.