Swarm of Bugs > crazy wind data from SKY

Starting overnight, the wind reading went crazy, with gusts to 50 kts. I don’t think it is gusting to 2. Could this be related to the firmware update?

Hmmm. Could be some sort of bug in the firmware. Or maybe a hardware issue. We’ll take a look at the debug data and see what it shows. Thanks for the report.

Shortly after I sent it returned to normal. Coincidentally, just as the sun had a chance to dry it out?

And seems to be crazy again.As you can see from the water, there is near zero wind.

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Can you get a visual inspection? Anything look like it might be physically interfering with the ultrasonic sensor paths?

You can see the sensor in the top left of the of the picture. I am in the city today. It looks clear to me.


Is it possible that an intense swarm of small bugs could go that?

I was reviewing the video of the location and when the readings when bonkers and it coincided with an intense swarm of small flying insects, which continued for several hours. It was visible via the infrared from about 0130 until dawn but I assume continued after sunrise even though it couldn’t be seen.


@maurice With all those insects flying around, you could literally call this a bug in the hardware. :grinning: Will be interesting to see what the WeatherFlow team decides about this issue.


we need an ‘ouch’ icon in the discourse menus.

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VERY interesting. Still waiting on the analysis of your data, but if a bug (or bugs) decided to camp out in the wind sampling section of your SKY, that could absolutely cause the sort of weirdness you’re seeing.

One thing we noticed: your SKY is in power save mode. While putting that back into normal sampling mode won’t help if the bug is in the right spot and not moving, it will help in general. And, if you have a solar power accessory on there, you don’t need the power savings (and if you don’t, we need to get your one!)


Update here: The analysis shows what looks like rain-on-plate but some of the debug data might point toward a hardware issue. It’s also definitely plausible that insects could cause the issue. What’s the status lately?

Since that day, everything has returned to normal. Could it be that rain followed by an insect swarm could have created the anomaly? We had a nice little storm the evening before, which was followed a few hours later by the swarm. What if the some of the insects were trapped on the plate by the water. And they remained there until the sun dried off the plate?