Suspicious rain data

I’ve suspected that my stations rain measurements are way too high. I have a rain gauge about 20 feet from the station. Today we had a few rain events with my station recording around 2.25" of accumulation. My rain gauge is reading .5". Has anyone else experienced similar discrepancies?

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Yes. My Sky recorded 1.80" of rain but my Davis VP2 recorded 0.43". They are 5 feet apart. I know there’s a calibration period so maybe that’s why but it seems excessive. I’ll be patient and see if WF begins to read closer to my Davis.

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Just set up Sky before thunderstorms last evening in SE VA. Sky reported 4.5", Oceana (NTU) reported about .5". judging from radar it may have been a little bit more here, closer to 1", but not 10 x more.

Is there any way to calibrate Rain in Sky?

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Mine did the same thing with rain also near (NTU) after set up yesterday. Also my wind readings went bad last night but corrected this morning. Sky has a self calibration feature and
in my case seems to be working. Wind and rain so far today have been good, waiting on some
heaver rain, this afternoon.

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I used to live pretty close to NAS Oceana (Red Mill). Now I live close to NAS Whiting.

Field tester here… near NAS Pensacola (in Ft Walton).


I am also having very high readings. My Sky says I got 3.5 inches in 20 min and all of hte other stations around me say a half an inch. Anyon have any ideas?

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Today’s rain total is showing 1.5" while my rain gauge is showing .75"

We had a one hour down pour today that my rain gauge shows 3.5 inches, which is pretty impressive. Even more impressive than that, my sky shows 13.9 inches for the same hour!

My sky rain totals are way off as well. We received about 2" according to 2 other gauges but the sky is reading almost 5 inches

That is unacceptable.

WeatherFlow is working to correct the abnormal rain readings. Don’t worry, it is a high priority for them to push out a fix.

Where/How do you have your SKY mounted? Vibrations to a pole can be propagated to the SKY, and cause the sensor to interpret them as ‘rain’ drops.

Using a PVC pole, filled with sand, has been known to reduce (and eliminate in some cases) the erroneous rain readings.



My Sky is temporarily mounted on a pair of galvanized steel pipes totaling 10 feet in length. It is about 2 feet into the sandy soil of my yard. I have a 33 foot aluminium radio mast with guy/anchor lines on the way. I’ll mount the sky on a short 2 - 3 foot pole via a clamp mount to the top of it. Maybe even use a bicycle inner tube between the poles and the clamps to isolate them from vibrations.

I’m having the same issue.
today’s rain as reported by Sky; 2.79"
my VP2 and my manual gauge, both within 5’, report 0.76"

Sky never reports rain when there is none

Same issues here. Rain totals are well more than double. On a positive note, the false rain readings have gotten much better. 2.952" reported over the last 24 hours. Local reporting station in same town is at 1.09"

I just witnessed something that I had been wondering about… a bird landed / perched on my sky for maybe 30 seconds and caused it to register as heavy rain! Mind you I watched the whole thing, and I know there’s not a drop falling. Its sunny and clear. Bizarre.


Yes…i have a robin in my neighborhood that has decided that my weather station is just the perfect height to perch while looking for a worm to eat. Usually within around 15 seconds, I get a rain storm alert on my phone but normally no rainfall or very little rainfall is recorded. I haven’t bothered to employ anti-bird measures yet.

Yes, this is true! We’ve found the SKY’s rain sensor calibration to be very dependent on the local installation conditions. Fortunately, we designed the smart weather stations to get better over time. Rather than specify a particular way to mount your SKY, we’re working on a “continuous learning” system for identifying out-of-calibration units (quality control) and correcting them (auto-calibration). They’re the only weather stations with artificial intelligence! Thanks for your reports and your patience while we analyze all the new data coming in and improve the continuous learning system.

Seen this asked a few times with no answer…
Could you describe this calibration process?

My Sky is mounted on a pvc pipe on top of a piling at the dock about 16 feet above the water. No way it can get splashed from the water or a hose. On more than one occasion I have gotten a message on my phone that it is raining, when I know it was not. Is this being addressed?

I wonder if you could see it happening…whether or not it could be another case of a bird perching on the sky.