Sunset/sunrise times

I’ve noticed they’re off by a couple of minutes.
Anyone else seeing that and know how to correct?

Sunrise and sunset are calculated from the longitude and latitude you set. You can change that by going to Settings > Stations > (your station name) > Press and hold Location. Move the map pin to the correct location.

I checked my times and they are correct for my location.

Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately I did that during initial setup.
But I guess you could tweak it by moving your location a few miles?

It could be that changinging position on the map doesn’t actually change the stations Long/Lat, just the graphic position shown on the map. I haven’t done that myself so that could be the case. @dsj should be able to shed more light on that.

already reported as a bug. These are the times from yesterdays sunrise/sunset. Seems easy to fix, but they didn’t fix it yet.

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Thanks for the heads up Sunny.

Changing the position on the map does change the station’s lat/long - they are one and the same.

Yep, we’ve got it on our list!