Sunrise/sunset time anomaly

Was glancing at my app and spotted the sunset/sunrise times and had to do a double take. My day is still > 12 hours (post solstice) and not quite consistent with the calculation for my location based on NOAAs calculator ( which indicates sunrise at 7:02 and sunset at 7:00 - the screenshot attached is from my IOS app, but my website access shows the same thing so it isn’t platform driven.

Not sure what else to make of this…will look tomorrow and for a couple days after

it is showing yesterdays values. for sunrise/sunset. It shouldn’t but it does.

This made me think that they could just add a circle to that and it moves depending on the time of day for that station.

Thanks for the report @shaun.w.bell. We are investigating minor differences in the sunrise/sunset times. Different sources give slightly different results. Varying by 1-2 minutes.

@corrineb - Is the WF logic adjusting for station height? If so, how much will it change the daily rise/set times???

at the equator to get 1 minute difference in sunset/sunrise times, you have to rise 1.5km up from sealevel. At 50degree north you still need to rise 1km.
My station is about 1 m above sealevel and still shows yesterday’s values (no correction for height is needed). It does it today, and it did that when I first reported it (a long time ago)

@vreihen Currently, the station’s height above ground is not factored in to the sunrise/sunset times.


I have also found in the rest API URL ( under


Where x is the number
The sunset and sunrise times are for the wrong day? They don’t seem to match the day_num field and not sure the other values line up in that case.

An update on this. We’ve discovered a bug in the caching mechanism seems to be intermittently causing the sunrise/sunset values to slip by a day. We are investigating…