Sunday to Saturday for Weekly History

For the weekly history data, the information is for the week beginning on Monday and running through Sunday. I would like to see the weekly data configured to Sunday through Saturday as we see it on calendars.


I agree, but my request several years ago seemed to fall on deaf ears even though the 7-day week starting on Sunday has been in place for thousands of years.

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For me. . .the first day of the week is always on Sunday. . .and the true weekEND is Friday and Saturday. That’s because I spent 35+ years as a rotating shift worker. Our pay period began on the first day of the week . . .Sunday. . . and ended on the last day (Saturday) of the following week. Hence for me. . .We are now in the week of Sunday May 7th.

For non-shift workers. . .they usually call a weekend Saturday & Sunday and the “work” or “school” week is Monday thru Friday. . . .but that’s not how a Gregorian Calendar looks.

I always considered Saturday and Sunday the “weekends” because when you view a calendar, those dates are on the two ends of the week. If you held a stick horizontally and I asked you to point to the ends, you would point to the far left and the far right.

But being curious, I looked it up and the actual reason is because the Christian Sabbath is on Sunday and the Jewish Shabbat (both religious days of rest) runs from sunset on Friday until complete darkness on Saturday. When the 5 day work week came into place and Sunday being the Christian “weekend” and Saturday being the Jewish “weekend”, it just made the most sense to combine the two and call them both the weekend.