Sun Survey tool - Before mounting

I live 62 degree North in Norway with lot of mountains, a place we hardly see any sun during desember month. This is of course a challenge when it comes to charging the tempest.

I found a great tool that helped me to determine when my station will come “alive” again.
This tool is great when deciding where to place the tempest.

Here is a picture from today, and probably the day where my tempest will keep it charge if the sun is visible.


My main question is why do you have a radar on your house?

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Great tool indeed, thanks for sharing that. Going to test it myself though where I live … no problems with sun except if it rains to long :slight_smile:

Long range fish finder ?

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doppler rain radar ?

Yes. It’s a old WR-2100 Dual Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar. I just changed job, and since I work from home due to covid, I took a product home to learn :grin:


I have to say that I am jealous.


I have to say…that I’m looking for a “buy it now” link on the web!!!


I would rather first see the price tag :slight_smile:

I’d rather see WF-Tempest spend their development efforts trying to disrupt the PWR (personal weather radar) segment, and build a back-end PWR network… :wink:

This is awesome, even the “lite” version is enough for my needs.

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I’druther see WeatherFlow | Tempest° spend their efforts in completing the Power Booster Accessory project – something Long Overdue. . .and Much Needed.


@storm_tracker They are/have, unless you think they should combat and fix all the pandemic related issues right now. It would have been released by now were it not for the pandemic.

It would be nice to hear officially that all the engineering is complete and the design is finalized and tested. The last I recall they were trying to find alternate chips (?) due to the shortages, but my memory might be hazy there.