Suggestion for new forum category - Marketplace

I’m wondering if a forum category for buy/sell/trade/give-away WF-related stuff might be worth thinking about. I can see a bunch of potential items that might fit into a more obviously separated forum category:

  • mounting setups: brackets, poles, etc.
  • Stevenson screens, 3d-printed enclosures, etc.
  • computing gear: unused Raspberry Pi, RasPi displays and cases, meteobridge or like hardware
  • added sensors and odds+ends to add to a home-built station setup
  • maybe even things like home automation sensors and hubs (Z-Wave, Zigbee, whatever) used as integrations with WF
  • stations themselves: I’m thinking there will be an aftermarket for lightly used gear at a fair price

Not suggesting a WF recreation of eBay, but I thought a forum here for the WF audience for relevant stuff might be worth suggesting. Thoughts ?