Suggestion for expanded hub operability :hub:

It would really be a great thing to have an SMA antenna connection available somewhere on/in the hub to allow an external, directional gain antenna to receive data from the tempest sensor.

Amateur Station WK4T

moved it to feature request so people can vote for it, beginning by you :wink:

The tempest already has a great range when it comes to communicating with the hub. But I guess it isn’t long enough in your case.

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Why do I think that this is verboten under FCC Part 95, and probably also similar rules in ITU regions 1 and 3???

Adding an external directional antenna for increased receive capability doesn’t break any rules.

that won’t work as the hub has also to send data to the Tempest, it is not just receiving but 2 way communication.

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New user here, so I just saw this question. I worked several years as a field technician for a radio internet company. We had to do these calculations every day. FCC Part 95 does not apply for the 900mHz band.

For the 900mHz band, FCC Part 15 rules apply here.
Maximum transmit power is 1 watt/30dBm.
Maximum Effective Radiated Power is 4 watt/36dBm.
I’m not sure what level the Tempest system transmits at, either the hub or station, but there is plenty of room for signal enhancement. A 1 watt transmission, coupled with a 6dbi antenna will have a stable signal (better than -75dBm) with clear LOS of over a mile.
Higher dbi antennas may be used to get through obstructions, but only if they are directional.

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