Struggling to find mounting pole in uk

So my Tempest is here, and is sitting on a small tripod in my garden, but I’d ideally like to mount it on a pole or aerial mount on the eaves of the house. I’m struggling to find a suitable pole solution in the UK. Aerial mounting brackets all seem to come with a 1" external diameter pole (and I’ve checked a few at Screwfix and they are indeed only 1" external), plastic pipe at 32mm seems to be the nominal measurement, which makes the pipe at least 34mm external. Satellite dish brackets are all 50mm.

Has anyone found a bracket/pole solution that fits the Weatherflow pole mount in the UK, if so can someone post a link?

I could call a dish/aerial installer who would no doubt have what I need, but don’t really want to pay another £100 just to get it put up.

Any help appreciated.


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Hi @AlanS, for my mounting in the UK I brought the brackets from here: and the PVC pole from here:

This is the mount that I bought:


Hi Peter,
Thanks for sharing those links.
Which diameter pipe did you use?

Peter S.

Another vote for Aerials and TV, I use one of their cranked 5 ft x 1.5" poles to mount my airband aerials and weather station:

together with a wall bracket:

I went for the cranked pole because my roof overhangs the end of the wall by around 8 inches. Yours may not so you could use a straight pole.

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This is what I went with: It fits perfectly

Great, thanks Peter!

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Thanks Peter, I’ll take a look at your suggestions.

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Same problem - used a plastic pipe and made 4 cuts in the end (maybe 3") just enough so that it could bend in a bit at the end - fits ok and holds firmly.

I bought a 5m long x 5/4 in. x 10 swg - Aluminium Round Tube from

Cost me £47 inc. delivery and VAT… probably a bit longer than necessary. Originally I was going to mount off a wooden block but a friend fabricated an aluminium bracket for me that the foot of the pole drops in to. I made an intermediate support from a mastic tube nozzle and a piece of PVC waste pipe and a long screw in to the wall. I’ll see if I can upload some pictures.

Tricky bit was to insulate the steel/zinc screws from the aluminium (probably an overkill) but stops any galvanic corrosion.

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I too could not find the right diameter pole in the UK, however I did find various sizes from a company in Poland, I ordered 30mm and it fits my Tempest perfectly, they have other sizes as well. Here is the link:

I have something like this:

I got mine from B&Q for a previous weather station

I had this from a previous weather station before my tempest ( I then used some field hockey cloth tape (readily found on amazon) using 2 widths of the tape until I had the right diameter for the tempest to fit snugly on the pole. The tape also seems to act as a shock absorber dampening out any vibrations.

I used a Tristar 32mm Aerial mast from B&Q and an aerial bracket from screwfix (or B&Q). All very cheap. I’m not sure the pole is heavy duty enough for full length in a gale, but I only needed about 1m to get it above the garage roof, and thats rock solid.