Strange wind direction gaps

Since a couple of weeks I notice strange wind direction gaps.

There is some measured windspeed, but no wind direction arrow.

How is this possible?

you’re quite zoomed out and maybe in details there are zero moments in there but still weird to see such large gaps.

Maybe a glitch with the app ? Latest version on Android ?? Maybe share some details so @corrineb can try to have a closer look.

even if zoomed out, the wind direction should be the average as mentioned here Data archive buckets explained

Here soms more detailed zoom.

I’m not the only one!! I have seen this for ages and reported it a couple of times. What device are you using?

Hello Peter.

I’m still using the Sky and Air.
Waiting on the Tempest.

When I look back,it’s indeed from May this year till now.
I had a replacement Sky because the other one failed wind and UV.
Edit : when I look in the browser version of my station, the direction arrows are displayed correctly.
Could it be a Tempest app bug?

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could be, hence why I asked for more details, phone, android version etc …

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Yep this is the same for me. Perfect on the web app but not on the phone app. I see it both when using a Sky and a Tempest. For me it has been an issue August 2019 through multiple versions of the app. I am now on v4.13 build 107 using a OnePlus 7 on Android 10. It has never been a massive bother for me, hence why I’ve never really followed up.

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Oh sorry Eric.
App version
I have the OnePlus 8 with android version 10.
App version 4.13

@ Peter… I see you also have a Oneplus cellphone. :rofl:

Could that be the problem?

That’s interesting… I think it might be as I definitely didn’t see this on my old device, and it would explain why it is such a rare issue. I don’t suppose many people have OnePlus devices

I didn’t noticed it on my Xiaomi Mi10.

So it should be a Oneplus issue.

I’m not seeing any gaps in the direction arrows except when the average wind speed is 0. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S20+, FWIW. I’ll go check my Nokia 9 PureView.

UPDATE: I see no gaps on my Nokia 9 PureView with either the v4.12(105), IIRC, or the current v4.13(107) build of the app. The Nokia 9 is an Android One phone, FWIW.

Has there been any updates on this issue? I am seeing the same problem, but I’m running a Pixel 4 with Android 11 and tempest app version 4.14.