Strange request: help me find my weather station?! It's gone missing

It’s an odd request, I know.
Normally people lose their connection, but not their station. I have the reverse.
I have a great connection, I just can’t find my station.

I came home from being out of town for a week, during which there was some major weather.
I guess the mounting screw/plate wasn’t quite as tight as I thought, and my weather station seems to have become unmounted. Here’s where it gets weird.

Because my mounting location was on a post at the end of my private dock, the most logical place for the weather station to have fallen is in the water. At high tide that’s 8 feet deep, at low tide, it’s practically exposed. But I don’t see it anywhere and can’t figure out how to locate it.

Note, it’s still connected to my hub. Although the data it’s sending back is an odd mix of accurate and not so much. I can see the signal strength is still strong, which suggests it hasn’t gone very far?

I am at a loss as to how to try to find it, and was wondering if anyone had a brilliant idea.
A signal strength reader that could be used to tell me when I’m getting “hot” or “cold” in walking along the beach?

Yeah, I’m baffled too.

Under the dock ?

There was a thread recently from a user whose mom stuck his in the kitchen cupboard or something. I think the thread had what he tried to zero in on it before finding it.

A few suggestions on this thread may help and if you tell us your station link a Sherlock Holmes may find clues in the data

Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Here’s my station…

Can a tempest really continue to work like this even if its under water?

The only sensor that has totally failed is UV.

I had the same thought in that other thread, to use a power brick and the hub to walk around with an eye on the signal strength indicator. But a battery brick didn’t work, so I’ll need to find a very long extension cord and give it a shot when the tide is low.

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Trying plugging your phone and Hub into the battery brick so it’ll provide enough load to keep the battery on. The Hub draws so little power that some battery bricks auto-shutdown.

I’d bet somebody picked it up and placed it on land or boat nearby.