Strange jagged wind plots fully zoomed on ipad mini

When I go into the highest zoom setting and the chart shows two data points for each reading.


Hello @chuck.tatham,

I am not seeing the same issue on my iPad Mini 2 running iOS v 10.3.3 and WF app v2.07 (152). Neither portrait nor landscape.


Please advise what versions of iPad / iOS / WF app you are using when you see this issue. That will always help @WFmarketing in trying to replicate the issue that you are reporting.

Also . . . I am going to try to update the iOS on my iPad Mini 2 this evening to v11 to see if that makes any difference (providing my iPad Mini 2 has enough space to do the upgrade).


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there is a way to take a screen shot on an ipad (to create that image file that you can then send to where needed)
will be better than using a camera to take a photo of the screen :wink:

Yes I know but it’s dedicated and mounted on the wall. This was faster and easier.

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Thanks, @chuck.tatham - I’ve moved this to the #owners:bug-reports category. What version of the app are you running?

still have the issue v2.23 (166)


just to confirm your findings @chuck.tatham


Hi @chuck.tatham . Our geniuses took a longer look at this graphing issue.

Here’s the report: It is not a data issue, rather it is a bug in the graphing library that affects non-retina iPad devices. There are two non-retina devices that we support, the iPad 2 and the original iPad mini. These are fairly old devices from 2011 and 2012 but meet the minimum iOS 9.x requirement (although only as a viewer as they don’t have BLE for station configuration). The bug is related to how the graphing library is handling the presentation of pixels on the screen. Try looking at your same graphs on an a more recent iOS device with a retina display and you should see the difference as @Weather34 notes.

We are currently evaluating the technical resources req’d to code a patch for these old devices. We are also considering an overhaul of our graphing presentation…so give us some time as we figure out the right solution for the broader audience.

And thanks for bringing this to our attention! - WF