Strange high wind readings

Any thoughts on why I may get “runaway” wind reading on the sky. My unit was reporting 50 kts over the weekend, reality was more likes 20 kts. Also appeared to be 180 degrees off from the true direction.
See 11/17 in the around 7am:


your sky seems to be offline right now. Flat batteries ? You took it down ?

I had a similar issue. At (real) 45-50 kts gusts it switched the direction by 180 degrees and reported even higher windspeed (~60-65 kts). That lasted for a couple of minutes and returned back normal.
After two weeks the Sky (or solar panel?) failed and is off now.

It mysteriously went off-line after I made this post… I think it’s trying to hide! I’m not near the station so if it doesn’t come back up it might take me a few days to get over there.

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Do you have the solar panel? Can you show/check the battery level?

I pulled the solar panel accessory off as it was either having or causing issues with the readings dropping out (ironically). It had been fine since. The batteries are new Lithium cells installed 3 weeks ago. Last reading was good.

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It looks like there could have been some debris in the gap where the sonic anemometer takes readings.

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Ok I’ll take a look, I have a new solar panel I need to put on anyway so I have to get it down for that. I have no idea why it’s offline again it was behaving well on battery power…

Okay, please keep us posted!
If you want you can open a ticket from

Related to this topic - I did have the same issue with my Sky and just yesterday I’ve installed a fresh one.

Going back to history: I didn’t have any issue with Sky running on batteries. It is true we didn’t have such high winds but there were few occasions with wind up to 100 km/h during a thunderstorm.

The “old” Sky was then equipped with SPA, soon after that we had a period of heavy rain and high wind. When the wind went over e.g. 70 or 80 km/h, it did the switch by 180 degrees and reported much higher wind than it really was. Eventually, the Sky stopped reporting.

My new Sky with a new SPA is online since yesterday. Just after putting it up, we received about 3 inches of rain in 12 hours and we again have high winds (70-80 km/h). It did the same thing!

I went to the Status page and checked sensor status, nothing suspicious (right now it works fine). But I saw the uptime of just a few hours. Looking at the wind graph, the reset time matches with the high wind / wrong direction spike.

What I think but @WFmarketing must check and confirm is the SPA is actually causing the problem. Maybe it is the gusty wind that makes a force to the SPA which temporarily disconnects the SPA from the Sky? I don’t know.

Once the weather improves (hopefully before the Spring), I’ll take down the “old” Sky and see if it works on the batteries.