Strange gaps in data

My Sky stopped reporting for the last 50 m, though it is online. Thunder is presently approaching but it’s not raining. I hear the wind pick up.

Just had a big thunder though Air didn’t pick it up.

I understand that the Sky is registering data every one minute, but what might it be doing now?

About an hour to two ago I relocated the hub and the Air, since there would be occasional disconnects. I cannot imagine that would influence - at least both devices have been reporting before the Sky took a siesta… Curiously, the wind direction has occasionally changed (presently 4.5 from the 12 shown below).


In continuation of the above, the rain has started and may have woken up the Sky since now it sent data. However, wind speed is now stuck at 6.6 km/h and only directions get update in the circular indicator. The experienced silent period shows a gap in data as shown below.


Scrolling through the wind speed graphic I can see that, as of 9/8/2018 2:20 am time stamps are not at regular intervals and that there are frequent significant breaks in the data stream.

I suppose my Sky is not functioning properly. Please enlighten me.


Those are very crazy indeed. Did you observe any “rain on the plate” after the rain event? We’ll take a look at your data and see what we can see.

Yes, something is definitely up with your SKY. Please send an email to and someone will help troubleshoot ASAP.

I had something similar happen to one of my SKY units today. Today was the first day with several rain showers. Naturally I was curious at how the units were reporting. I noticed that the SKY-Roof would report nothing or just dashes. Wind, rain, UV/Brightness would not update. The data looks strange too. This is station 5075. The other co-located Sky-Mobile (5080) generally didn’t have any issues. I did see a gap in the wind data and the cumulative rain data but nothing like SKY-Roof. It appeared that the issues started when the heavier rain came this afternoon. Here are some views of the graphs:
SKY-Roof%20UV%202018-09-11 SKY-Roof%20Rain%202018-09-11
The battery reporting was generally ok but there were a few gaps as seen below.

SKY-Mobile generally was ok with only a few gaps in the data.

Both hubs are near each other on the same network and access point. Given the data issues in close proximity to the heavier rain fall I was wondering if maybe the unit didn’t get sealed around the light sensor. Should I take it down and inspect it or see what it does over the next few days?

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Micael, upon further inspection, we suspect this is an issue with your Hub, not your SKY. Note how the gaps in your data are present in your AIR at the same points. You noted that the issue started shortly after relocating your Hub (and AIR). Is there anything different about the environment in the new location? Is the Hub in a particularly humid location, by chance? How about the power supply?

This actually looks like a different issue. In @pachuquear’s case, both his AIR & SKY observations were completely missing (or late). In your case, your AIR observations are steady, and your SKY is sending observations steadily as well - they just include NULL values some of the time. This is often an indicator of a failing sensor device. Your hunch that this could a water intrusion issue may be accurate - we have seen that in a small percentage of units.

If possible, take your SKY down, open the battery compartment, and see if any water comes out. :sweat_drops:

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It wasn’t raining so I went up and took it down. I dried it off then took the batteries out. I thought I saw a drop of water at the top of the battery compartment so I got my borescope to take a look. It turned out to be a piece of plastic from the molding. I thought, no water. Then I realized that the paper towel I had on the table to set the top on was totally soaked. Water was coming out from around the light sensor. When I turned it over I got some water out from around the sonic sensors too. It definitely looks like a seal is missing or not working.

There is a small gap between the light sensor lens and the top. Is this is normal and is the seal under the lens? I ask because the other unit has a small gap too, though not as noticeable.

I assume I need to contact support on this one.


I put the batteries in and now get a blinking red light which appears to be the bad sensor indication. The online docs indicate it should be steady red but I get a blinking red. :disappointed:

Yes, unfortunately it sounds like the light sensor seal is compromised on your unit. Contact support and they’ll get you a replacement out ASAP!

Yes, a small vertical gap around the circumference of the lens is normal. The lens has a shoulder and the seal is a horizontal washer/gasket between this shoulder and the cap. It must be missing or mis-seated on your unit.


@dsj I moved my sky into its final position and now I have gaps in my rain data (but only in the rain data) . It moved further away from the hub. Currently the RSSI value is -75. But it still communicates. Even if at some point it didn’t communicate, I think the design is supposed to buffer the data, or is it only buffered in the hub.
The gaps only happen when it does rain.

I have strange 1 min gaps in rainfall data as well,while all other data is good. WF support checked my hardware and happily the response was: “Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I showed our IT department your data, and the good news is it’s not a problem with your hardware. What you’re seeing are accumulation calculation issues, which are being fixed now.”
I am good with that , just bugs my friend, and they will be ironed out.


This is actually a separate issue we recently discovered (but seems to have been there for a while). The daily rain accumulation value is calculated on the back-end (not transmitted from the station), and this process is producing NULL values sporadically. We’re investigating…


No to pile on, but we had quite a day of rain here, and I saw gaps in the accumulated rainfall data as well - typically one to three minute gaps…

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