Stormy weather issues

I just noticed something about my Tempest weather station. I have been questioning the wind readings but haven’t checked those yet. I am still trying to get accuracy from the rain gauge. I think my observation today tells me that the rain gauge will not be accurate. We had a stormy morning. The rain was falling hard and the wind was blowing. I noticed my Acurite gauge had recorded 0.03 inches of rain at the start of the storm. The tempest read 0.01 inches. After the storm settled, I saw that the Acurite gauge read 0.24 inches and the Tempest read 0.04 inches. It had rained fairly hard for over an hour. Obviously much more than 0.03 inches had fallen. In fact, most of the rain had fallen almost horizontally. The tempest recorded the max wind gust as 4mph. It was much windier than that. Why is the Tempest rain gauge so inaccurate? As I was thinking, I came to this conclusion. The rain ‘target’ of the Tempest rain gauge is full size when the rain is falling vertically. As the rain gets more and more horizontal, the rain ‘target’ size exposed to the rain decreases. How does the Tempest rain gauge algorithm deal with this? Obviously, rain falls far from vertically most of the time. Also, after the shower, I checked my manual rain gauge. It measured 0.45 inches of rain over the last 3 days or so. The Accurite gauge recorded 0.47 inches and the Tempest measured 0.22 inches. Quite a difference. I have been recording the daily rain amount from the Accurite and the Tempest. Some times they agree, other times they vary widely. Usually the Tempest measures less but not always. It seems the more stormy the rain is, the less accurate the Tempest is. Is there a solution to this issue? Also, I forget what it is called but my Tempest has the feature turned off that changes the rain amount the next day based on other data. I live in a micro climate that made that feature measure rainfull way off. Thanks

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