Storm & Fire Ready Kit - dead?

It’s been a while since I’ve heard any updates on the Storm and Fire kit - ordered, told it was being delayed… got a battery backup… and nothing. I hope this isn’t dead?! Any updates of substance?

I saw a post that the pro hub was planned to be shipping back in June…


@dsj or @WFstaff - any word?

It is still in the works as @dsj noted in another thread.

Thanks for the update. Don’t use any Apple products anymore, so not at all interested in HomeKit, but that’s just me. Wifi can talk to just about anything out there, Google Assistant, Smartthings, IFTTT, Zwave or Zigbee hubs -maybe make a hub that is less standards-dependent? I appreciate that the Tempest isn’t a one-trick pony (I like the WU and Rachio integrations) but don’t lock yourself out of parts of the (interested) market. I’d be more than happy with POE or even just ethernet for the Pro product. Do Pro product customers care about turning on a Homekit light bulb? I’d like rain to trigger a scene, or an automation in Smartthings… maybe integrate with my Ecobee sensors to provide accurate outside temp and weather forecasts. I did like the “future” app renderings that accidentally made it to advertising, integrating AQI info… thanks for the update, and keep up the good work. Sorry I didn’t see any other updated info about the Kit from @dsj, that was the reason for the question.