Storm Eunice is going hard

Just found this live stream from Heathrow airport

some planes have a hard time to land

if you have other pictures to share …
Every one in its path, stay safe

until now I see gust up to 14 m/s. Yesterday it was 22 m/s. I guess the worst has still to come.

Btw the local tempest forecast for my station expects for the next hour an average wind speed of 16 m/s from the south west, but it is only 7 from the west. It also forecasts a max average of 20m/s around 22:00. I have my doubts. I’ll stay inside anyway.

looks like considerable LLWS (Low Level Wind Shear) and TURBC (Turbulence) from SFC (surface) to FL015 (Flight Level 1500 ft AGL (Above Ground Level). These aircraft are just “stacked” for landing at EGLL Rwy 27L.

so this storm was “only” 10.1 m/s as the highest 1 hour average. That is way less than the tempest predicted one hour average of 20 m/s. The max gust value was 21.7.
Which makes me wonder a) is the predicted value not the one hour average, but the gust? or b) doesn’t the tempest forecast my local wind, but rather some average over a very large area? (I thought the tempest was “guaranteed” to deliver a better local forecast).

What did other forecasts predict for the same time?

hard to find a website that shows yesterday’s prediction, but they mentioned 9 Beaufort for my region, which is 20.7-24.5 m/s