Storing frequently viewed Tempest locations

I have family/friends all over the US. Although they all don’t have locations, most live near an active Owner. Is there a way I can save a list of frequently visited stations?

If you view everything using a web browser you can save links to any view of any public station.
If you zoom in using the map view,

click a station pointer you can read the name of the station at the left of the yellow band. Click the name to go into that station and dig around for whatever view you want. Save that as a bookmark or favourite.
You could create a folder in your browser or icons on your mobile desktop with your names pointing to the different station views.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:
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Thank you So MUCH!


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AND now that I have an idea where you are at. If you want to be able to see several different web pages of different locations in the same web page it is possible to create a html file with iframes containing the different web page views. Opening the one web page then displays most of what I want. I also incorporate different weather maps and wind readings and so on that I like to reference regularly within different iframes on the single web page to be able to open the whole lot in one display and scroll down them all quickly.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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Extremely helpful answers. THANK YOU!

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