Stiffening PVC pipe

I wasn’t thrilled with how “floppy” even Schedule 80 PVC pipe is, and I didn’t want to put a metal pole on the roof for lightning reasons.

Another solution presented itself at the hardware store: wooden mop/broom handles, which are 15/16th of an inch in diameter. That is very close to the inside diameter of a one-inch nominal Schedule 80 PVC pipe. I had to do a little sanding/shaving to make them fit, but it made the PVC much less bendy.


Yes, that works well. I used a four foot length of a wooden mop handle driven into the ground to support the mast for my Tempest. It eliminates vibration and makes it easy to take down when needed. I just slip the schedule 80 over the handle and press into the ground enough to prevent the Tempest from turning.


I should also add, this mounting system has survived 40 mph winds without difficulty.

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Just to add there is no lightning risk from using a conductive pole. It’s standard everywhere. Using PVC as a matter of fact is not recommended not just for mechanical reasons but electrical as well.

When mounting conductive masts above a roof line always follow code guidelines for proper grounding and you will be fine.