Stay Safe Louisianians

There are a lot of stations around New Orleans and along the Mississippi coast. I just wanted to say, from Central Louisiana, with this one-two punch of hurricanes coming this week, y’all stay safe down there. Be interesting to see what your highest wind gust reported by the end of the week will be.


Well, the power and Internet just came back up, 6.5 days after it went out due to the hurricane. Sadly it doesn’t look like my Tempest recorded any data after the Internet went out, but before it did it recorded a 68.2 mph wind gust. I think other areas around were over 75mph.

(Incidentally, the charts on the Tempest app are really frustrating to scroll back through a week of blank data, but when I try to zoom in, it resets it back to the current time, meaning I’ve got to scroll back even MORE because I’m zoomed in on the timeline. It would be much better if it allowed pinch and zoom dynamically.)

Really makes me keen on replacing my hub with the Pro Hub with cellular and battery backup, for a lot more than just having the HomeKit support now.