Station stopped sending data

Received email:
Your WeatherFlow Tempest device named ST-00012547 stopped sending data. Check that it has power and/or try moving your Tempest closer to your WeatherFlow hub.

Had been fine.

I decided to go outside and take it off the pole. Once I removed the bottom section, which is so extremely hard to remove that I’m afraid of squeezing the Tempest too hard and braking something, that I just turned it off and on and then it was back online.

Your’s is the second one I’ve heard of only needing a power cycle to reconnect. Hopefully when it gets firmware v134 the issue will be resolved.

What I think is odd, though, is that there were no “failure” reports kicking the sensor off line. My sensor dropped off line last week because of three simultaneous failures, a power cycle reset those components and voila, back online.

My wife just noticed this morning that the Tempest app running on a Fire HD 10 is still showing 99.5° when the connection was lost at 8:02pm and didn’t auto refresh when I got the Tempest back online 9:30pm.

I went to the fire and tapped the forecast icon and then tapped the Tempest icon and its now got current data, however did not expect that to be needed. Assumed the app is polling the data and refreshes and once the Tempest was back up it should have refreshed.

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Lost connection again tonight. Went to tempest and turned it off, waited about 10 seconds and switched back on. Reconnected and back online. This is the 2nd or third time this has happened.

I thought I read that the tempest will keep storing data and when reconnected it will push that data to the hub. If true, that did not happen. The app shows no data from offline to online.

That would be true since the Sensor lost all data when power was removed.

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First to reply about data retaining

Tempest and hub can store data (Tempest a few hours and the hub depending on the amount of sensors several days)
Your hub is ok but your Tempest seems to loose connection with the hub. Hub stores data when it receives any and can’t send it to the server. In your case it is linked to the server so sends what it gets. When it gets nothing …
Your Tempest lost connection and would have stored the data but the fact your rebooted it made it ‘loose’ it’s memory and stored data.

Now as to why your Tempest lost connection ??? Is the wifi range saturated in your neighbourhood by any chance ?

Maybe you can do this procedure to reset the hub’s radio completely … might help

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Mine just started stopping data as well. I did a full reset and that worked for all but 2 hours. Just received another email saying my unit stopped sending data. It was working flawlessly until this morning.

Hey guys, out of nowhere, one of my tempest stations just stopped reporting. Settings shows the hub is online, and the light on the hub is green. But the tempest settings show offline. Sensor status says OK, RSSI is -88, and no one has touched the tempest unit. It’s been working fine in it’s current location for the past couple months. Any thoughts? How can I reset the connection to the hub? Thanks!

Well, I just turned the tempest unit off and back on and it connected itself. Hopefully all is well now. Thanks.

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in the settings of the tempest there is the option to show the battery power. You might want to turn that on, so you can check that isn’t a problem.

In addition to what @sunny said, that RSSI value is at the limits of working. Try rotating the hub or moving it to see if you can improve it.

Same for you, maybe for some odd reason the Tempest can’t talk to the hub (rssi -127 means no radio contact. Is it possible to bring it closer and see if by any chance they find each other again after a simple reboot of the Tempest ?

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I have had this occur again on a Sky unit with an excellent -44rsi signal with 50’ line of sight to the base station. 2nd occurrence of this issue on the same device.

Device lost communication 9 hours ago and will not re-establish communication on its own.

Ticket entered for support to review.

Lack of reliability is an issue as there is a $200 trip charge to retrieve/reset/return to roof every time it occurs.

Luckily I swapped my 2 sky locations the last time this occurred with the firmware 143 apparent issue. However, it has now occurred again on the same sky.