Station stopped reporting to WeatherUnderground

Hello, my station is online, however, a bit after 5PM WU has seen it as offline. No problems logging to Google Sheets during this time.
I checked the settings, they look fine.
Anyone else having this problem?
Any suggestions on what could be going on?

Odd, it just came back online at WU, though data lost from 17:14 to 21:29.
Not sure if it’s a coincidence, or if while jacking around with it, I unknowingly did something to fix it.

Ok, nevermind. Looks like it’s a WU issue. Randomly looked at a handful of stations near me, and about 1/3 or more have had some or all of their data missing during the same time period.
If your station is uploading to WU, you might check to see if your missing some data too.

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IBM having major cloud issues many sites affected besides WU

Kinda thought WF crashed WU with all the new users adding thier stations to WU :grin: