Station ID : How to find it and What it is (good for)

The Station ID is a unique identifier for an installed Hub. Hence, a complete Weatherflow SmartWeather installation including all installed Air and Sky modules can be accessed by this ID.
In case of any issue specific to an installation which is discussed at any place in the community it is useful to provide the Station ID along.
:warning: Don’t forget: you have to activate (how to see below) the Share Publicly option :exclamation: Otherwise the Station ID is only useful for WFstaff.

One option is, like requested before, by providing the ID or to share link in the profile.

There are several procedures to obtain the Station ID:

  • via share link, which can be obtained as follows

    • via app:
      :warning: You have to activate the public access (see below) to let others then WFstaff see the data of your station.
      In the Now Tab of the station scroll all the way down and tab on the share icon on the right :

      In the apearing pop-up menue choose Copy

      Paste the copied URL to a Locator bar of a browser or into an text editor or similar (or directly to the topic or your profile).
      Then you see the specific Station ID (orange circle)

    • when public access is activated (to activate see below)
      Go to your stations website (by logging in onto with a Browser)
      Scroll the Now (or History) Tab down:

      Then click on the Symbol in the left corner and you will get :

      In the green rectangle you find your Stations share link.
      This would be one option to share the whole link in a topic or to put it into your profile (see link above).
      The End of that link contains your station ID (orange circle).
      This would be sufficient to identify each individual station.

    • activate public access:
      :warning: To let others view your stations data you have to activate the public access to your station:
      First go to Settings (either in the app or on the website):

      Then select Stations (if you have more than one, select the one).
      Follow the option to “Public Data”

      Then activate the “Share Publicly” Option

      Link to me

  • via stations status :

how to see below

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