Station Elevation

I read in another post that the app wants the elevation of the unit. I assume that i need to figure in the height of the elevation I give the app. Is this correct?

it asks only the height above ground level. It will figure out the elevation of ground level itself from the position on the map you tell it.


@sunny. Cool, thanks for the info, There should be a “Tempest for Dummies”, lol.

personally I think the setup is pretty clear, but people just do different things, like mounting it before connecting it, etc. I don’t think it asks for the elevation of the unit, did it? Of course you know it needs the height above sealevel, but that isn’t what is was asking, or was it? (it has been some time ago I followed the setup steps) I don’t blame you, but it is pretty hard to make a really fool proof setup guide.

Does this count?

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