Speed of updating data

I think the Tempest only updates approx every minute. I wish we could change the speed of data updates. This is important for wind gust

The ultrasonic anemometer samples wind every 3 seconds and sends an average of wind speed & direction to the Hub.

I am testing an ambient ws-5000 which has an ultrasonic anemometer.

It must be sampling more frequently as it shows much higher gusts than the Tempest.

FWIW… I am in an area surrounded by trees (not overhead) so it is a gusty environment during high wind events.

I had a ws-1000 and I could change the sampling rate all the way to 1 per sec.

It did not recommend that but living in an area of California that had a lot of deserted onda I left it at that rate. Gust were more accurate.

I would like it not to average the data if possible.

Update frequency is explained in the instructions, see the modes dependent on voltage.
If the Tempest voltage is low it reduces the updating frequency from 3 sec to one minute or other values.
The instructions referring to the different modes are mentioned in several places including here

Cheers Ian :slight_smile:


actually it sends it every three seconds and sends it without averaging to the hub, every 3 seconds. The other measurements are send once a minute, with the exception of lightning, which is send immediately.

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