Special characters in station name on Android APP v2.42

My station have some special characters (õ and ü) in name field. They displayed correctly on webpage, but after save on Android APP (Android 8.1.0), it will change something else. @WeatherFlowStaff



That is a known bug. Hopeful it will be fixed soon.

probably not using the correct correct character set on the android version (e.g use UTF8?)

@egontinno Thanks for the heads-up. Will have our Android developer take a look. (symptom of a product meant initially for the North American market, not adapted to all global languages yet.)

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No worries. I understand, that support of all world languages can be difficult and out of your scope.

By the way, are there any plans to make APP or/and webpage translatable? Would be nice to have option to show my weather data in local language. Some units as well, like “mps” are marked here “m/s”.

Yes, eventually. One step at a time — first: fulfill all pre-orders. In the near-term we don’t expect to market our products outside of North America. Indiegogo was an anomaly — we initially limited to buyers in North America. Then people from all over the planet said: “hey, how come you don’t ship to [insert X country]?”. So we figured out a way to open up orders to dozens of countries. But, the product was never intended for non-english use. YET.