Soon to be owner, questions about CWOP and connecting to PC

Hi all, have recently ordered a WF and it’s going to replace an older weather station (a PEET model) I have installed at my local fire station. Currently, we have a cable connecting the PEET to a computer in the station, which is running Weather Display, simply to push data to CWOP and Weather Underground (the CWOP data is used by a local TV station to report our temp and wx conditions).

I’m gathering from the forum posts here that the hub of the WF itself will natively send data to WU without a computer connected. I see suggestions that native CWOP integration is on the horizon but not available yet, and will need a third-party solution like Weather Display. I’m OK with doing that, I’m just wondering, how am I going to be connecting the hub to the computer that Weather Display will be running - will it be wirelessly linked like the other components of WF are, or is there some kind of cable (serial or Ethernet) that will be coming off the hub to go into my PC?

Just want to plan ahead so the transition is as seamless as possible when the WF arrives!


I use Meteobridge to connect to CWOP. Pretty simple.

or weewx - check out the 3rd party integrations here for lists of many more ways.


I have a meteobridge Pro connected to my Davis VP II to send data straight to the Internet. But it of course can’t do more than 1 station.
Good idea to do a second meteobridge just to the WF hub? Would it confuse the data flow?
I tried to program a cheap meteobridge style router a year or two back, and couldn’t get that one to work, though I successfully “flashed the field” of the router. Guess that hasn’t gotten any easier. Another “Pro” meteobridge is just too much money.

Weewx doesn’t even work with Windows, which is all many of have. I have looked at the website a few times, and it’s talking all the stuff I don’t have and know nothing about: linux, rasberry pi, etc.

Thanks pswilson1 for pointing that out. Folks, I’m not interested in adding more hardware to my setup. I already have a Win10 PC and a purchased piece of software that is doing the job currently. According to what I’ve seen in this forum, I am going on the assumption that I can connect the WF hub to CWOP and/or Weather Display. That’s what I’m looking to do.

I used the TL-MR3020 and flashed it myself, got it up and running in about an hour. It doesn’t like to play nice with my WiFi so I cabled it, but it works great and was super cheap.

It will connect to WD (which I love but it doesn’t work well on a Mac; sorry Brian) and from there you can send to CWOP. But yes, your wireless hub connection is all WD needs. When you tell it the station type, it will connect and you’ll be good to go.

Beautiful, thanks much! Looking forward to receiving and installing my station.

I bought the MR3020 as well. I’m not extremely IT, but I carefully followed whatever instructions there were from meteobridge, and though it said the field was flashed, I could never get it to come to life. Reluctantly gave up and stuck it in a drawer.

Look at ArchiveSW. It runs under NodeJS which does run on Windows OS.

Yes it will work very well with Weather Display. I’ve been running it with Weather Display for about 8 months. Brian has a setup section for WF in the “Control Panel” “Station Type & Setting” section.