Something Wrong With The Anemometer?

Can I see your data?
Do you have a link for me? :blush:I

I think it is okay now at my station. But I feel like Lull windspeed is way to high sometimes.

Smoke from the CV installations is going straight up.
Does windspeed also have a CL cycle?

no, wind doesn’t have CL, but the transducers do go through a balancing phase, which requires some steady winds from all directions. (might take more than a week)

Just started today. Wind shows ———- Any ideas

What’s the url to your weather station?

St 00010087. I think that’s what you are asking

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Your wind is showing…

Wind was totally wacko again last night.
I really don’t know what it is, although we did get some rain.
If that is the problem… Hopefully not.

Never had that problem with the Sky.
No wind at all, and a Lull wind of 20 km/h and also gust of 20 km/h. …take a look at last night. :rofl:

and even if it is giving readings, it shows failed … think you have a winner there :slight_smile:
I’m giving it a reboot but still showing failed while giving values :crazy_face:

nothing more we can do :no_mouth:


A failed wind sensor?

I checked it many Times. But I only saw Sensor status OK.
Well that explains a lot. :sweat_smile:

Oke… I will await WF response. :blush:

Edit :



So my replacement Tempest is on it’s way.

Support said that my wind reading were suspicious. And the wind sensor failures.
Today a lot ENE windreadings from the Tempest. While wind was blowing S to SE the whole day.

It’s a pity. Because the rest of the sensors are working flawlessly.

But again Thumbs up for Weatherflow support, for sending me a replacement so soon.

Never had such a outstandingly good support.



Got my replacement Tempest up and running.

No more wind directions that are stuck at NE while wind is South.

Looks like this one is working like a charm. :+1::muscle:

Thank WF. Verry happy now.