Solar radiation graphs vs PV production

Wanted to share my Tempest Solar radiation graph and compare it to my Fronius solar inverter data and my energy monitor data.


Solar Inverter:

Energy Monitor:

looks kind of good or don’t you think so? If you zoom in to the tempest data, you can see the little dip there as well. (I wish they displayed higher res data when zoomed out)

It needs calibration. I see 10 lux in full moon! Full moon is about 1/10th that value.

?? when I look at his station it shows 0 lux during the night.

When we are under a full moon on a cloudless night it will show as high as 10 lux here.

@ cpufrost yours need callibration :slight_smile: as in reality max moon luminosity is less than 1 lux.

Yes I think the confusion was you thought I meant his needed calibration! Mine is off, it’s OK I have to realize this is a AIO (all in one) household system! A reference standard instrument package can cost tens of thousands of dollars! :wink: