Solar power died last night

My solar powered Sky reported as offline last night. The voltage curve took a dive around 230 in the morning local time.

Hello Mark

Have you taken down your sky and had a look at all parts , like water in battery compartment, corrosion somewhere … anything unusual

Also what is your station number so @wfsupport can have a look at raw data

I did a visual inspection of the device this morning, it looked good. We have not had any recent weather events in the past 2 weeks, so I did not take it down. Station id is 2062, taken from the URL.

I saw an abrupt drop in battery voltage at sunset last night, and by 230AM the system went offline.

weird, I see it is running now and voltage is going up so solar is charging or at least powering your sky. Does the gap coincide with night time and the start with day coming up ??? (I see your graphs with my time zone)
Also it was near 3.7V before it started to drop … I think it should cap at +/- 3.6V …
This might explain why it is starting to work again, solar panel works but for some reason the battery died.
You did take out the classic batteries when you installed the solar panel ?

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Yes, I removed the batteries from the device before installing the solar adapter. Sunset was at 20:00 PST Last Night. The first cliff drop is loss of daylight, the second seems to be loss of battery, and the device did rejoin this morning. We had some over cast until about 9AM PST. And that seems to fit the profile for a bad battery. The voltage behavior is what I have seen as well.

open a ticket with support

they’ll handle from here and get you new devices if confirmed

support via the website :

support via mail :


Remember the Sky sees the output of the SPA, not the SPA battery voltage directly, so the 3.7V doesn’t mean the battery is seeing that voltage. Theoretical 100% SOC of a LiFePO4 cell is 3.38V at toom temp. Of course limiting the terminal voltage to that means the cell will take for ever to charge.

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