Solar Power Accessory for SKY - Battery Replacement

Unfortunately the battery in the SPA does not hold a charge anymore and shuts down our SKY as soon as the sun sets.
What kind and type of replacement battery do I need for the SPA module?
I gather that it is a LiFePO4 battery, but cannot find what voltage, what mAh, what size, etc it is?
Any help would be appreciated.

Perhaps a silly question, but at the point where the SPA fails and needs surgery isn’t it easier to just buy a new set of quality AA batteries to get you through the winter ?

(I had multiple SPA failures before giving up on that)

You might consider this mod: Easy SKY+SPA battery expansion (unofficial)

Just clip the wires off the batteries in the SPA and do the mod I reference and you should be good to go. The battery capacity doesn’t really matter too much, just that the larger the capacity, the longer it can run without sun.

More specifically, the battery in the SPA was 1000mAh and when they went to two cells the total capacity was 800mAh.

I have called several battery places around here and unfortunately no one sells either the LiFePO4 batteries or the empty shells. Amazon also does not sell them here in Canada. Guess I’ll just have to live with changing 8xAA batteries every few months…

Did you click the links for the alternate source for the batteries and the dummy cells in my original post? They are both still available.

I did, however shipping plus the mandatory hazardous material surcharge that fedex/ups charge make this extremely expensive to get 4 batteries sent to Canada (USD110 in shipping/handling for the 4 batteries).

Wow. That is rediculous. You can buy quite a few sets of Energizer Lithium Ultimate batteries for that much money.