SmartThings, WebCore and Web Socket Events?

I’m using the WeatherFlow API to pull my station’s weather observations into WebCore (that works with SmartThings). I currently use the temperature from my station to change the color of an RGB bulb.

Unfortunately, I don’t see lightning and rain alerts in the API observations, so I still use IFTTT with WebCore for those, but so far they have worked well.


Lightning and rain start events are sent over Web Socket, not REST. Have a look:

Thanks. I did notice that, but I’m not a developer and have no idea how to use websockets.

I’m not sure how to access WebSocket stuff with WebCore & SmartThings, but I’ve moved your question to the #developers category - maybe some of our friendly third-party developers here can help out!


Im curious, as the information page on the WeatherFlow product page shows smartthings integration.