SmartThings Integration

I just purchased a WeatherFlow with the intent to connect to smartthings as advertised only to find out during the setup process…this is not possible. Back in Jan 2021, you said to give a few weeks. It is now April 2022, has there been any progress?

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Hey thanks for checking in! Smartthings is still in active development. It’s an important feature to us and our customers.

So you know, Tempest owners can use the Weather Underground PWS integration with Smartthings as a temporary workaround for some features. You can easily send Tempest data to a WU PWS and use that to link to Smartthings.

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How often is WU updated from the weather station? Will rain / wind events be sent immediately to WU or will that information be sent on its update cycle?

WU receives data as often as every 5 minutes. Wind & rain events are included with the update cycle. :+1:


Really disappointed that Smartthings integration hasn’t happened yet. That’s one of the things that got me to buy Tempest. I have it integrated with my Rachio irrigation controller but to get it integrated with Smartthings would be ideal as I use that to automate the entire house.

You could integrate it to Home Assistant. I used to use Smartthings but ended up with so many different apps and half couldn’t be integrated with Smartthings. I now have all my smart devices in Home Assistant and can do all automations there too. Worth exploring, it’s a learning curve but heaps of documentation and mostly UI config, very little coding knowledge required.

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LoL, no. Like a cult, someone always tries to “convert” others to HA. I’m very happy with SmartThings for several years. Samsung has been improving it greatly and I have absolutely no reason to switch to something else. What I want is what I was sold, a weather system that is compatible with SmartThings. It even states it on the box that the Tempest came in, a nice big SmartThings logo.

I’m not trying to “convert” you at all, just offering a suggestion.


Where are we with the Smartthings integration?

Smartthings has just updated its platform to accommodate Matter devices, was active development working with the new Smartthings Edge?

I get that WU can deliver weather information, but other variables from sensors on the Tempest unit, such as brightness — something incredibly useful — doesn’t. The station is freaking amazing, but without triggerable variables…it loses something along the way.

You can link your weather station to a Weather Tile capability. It will get your brightness, temp, humidity, and UV. Those are the only weather capabilities built into SmartThings, so even if exposed, you couldn’t get things like windspeed and direction anyway.

Well that’s a surprise! I didn’t know when I targeted my WU data it was triggerable. But you still have to rely on WeatherUnderground to properly serve the data…which isn’t happening