SmartThings Integration

Samsung is very difficult to work with. Third-party control of their TV is a pain.

That’s like 17 years in Agile development timeline :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the update!

In Agile terms it’s may be two epics! :slight_smile:

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I’m interested in Smartthings as well, but don’t know if it could attach to a weather device if it could be automated as I need to work with my Nest cameras.

Its really hot here and the heat could damage the camera if its running in direct sun. So, I have a simple schedule on the Nest cameras directly to shut off at 11am and turn back on at 6pm.

I want to be able to create an automation if the Tempest is registering a temp of 100° turn off the Nest camera and turn it back on when the temperature is below 100°. It would be nice to integrate with the time window as well. Thus on cooler days the nest will stay on.

The only way that would be possible is if you are already setup for Works with Nest and IFTTT. You would be able to take advantage of that connectivity, otherwise there is no way to directly interact with Nest cameras. Supposedly they are working on a new “Works with Google” platform for these types of things but I’m not holding my breath.

Another option would be to have a smart switch (I assume outside rated) that the camera is plugged into. Then you would be able to easily trigger the switch to turn off and on based on temperature.

I do have smart switches tied into SmartThings. Before I realized that the nest cameras had their own built in schedule capability I was using those switches to turn on and off at the specified times.

So, if the tempest could be a device in SmartThings then I was hoping I could create an automation based upon temp and time.

I also have google home connected to SmartThings.

oh yes! It’d be nice to get my WF integration with SmartThing similar to the Smart Weather Station Tile.

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Any update? With the changes to IFTTT now requiring a paid subscription for custom applets (first 3 are free) IFTTT is even less of a viable solution now.

No major update to report but progress is being made! We’re testing things with an internal beta group now. We’d like to run an external beta test but Samsung doesn’t make that easy so I’m not sure we’ll be able to do that.


Soooo, hows this going? Any new updates? Would really like some Smartthings integration…


I keep waiting and hoping for SmartThings integration as well!

This is becoming a little ridiculous. Update? Anything?

I just got my Tempest for Christmas, so I’m still learning, but I integrated it to Weather Underground and used that PWS ID in the SmartThings weather tile/device. I think this might work until real integration comes.

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Are you able to use that with automations within SmartThings setup like that? And do you know if it presents information to smartapps such as webCoRE?

@thebeardedtechdude I’m not sure how to tell, to be honest. I noticed when I go into Automations, it shows it is provided by The Weather channel. If you know how to tell, let me know. Same for Webcore.

This has literally been going on for years now. Could you please provide us with an update? I know many of us bought on the promise of Smartthings integration. I was kind of ok with the updates along the way, but then it felt less like honest updates and more like stringing the community along. Now there hasn’t even been a response or any kind of update for a long time. It’s been a weird year and a tough time for many, I hope you and weatherflow are doing well. Please provide us with an honest update or release of Smartthings integration.

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Unfortunately we don’t have good news. Our internal testing turned up some significant issues with the way Samsung handles custom variables, so we’ve had to take a fresh stab and how we define every variable they don’t provide for natively. And that’s just about every weather variable… temperature, humidity & light level are the only exceptions, and they way they’re defined it’s clear they are intended as indoor properties. SmartThings simply hasn’t’ thought much about weather data, yet.

Nevertheless, we’re still moving forward and hope to have a solution soon so we can get back to testing.

We get that and we appreciate your patience! Our intention was not to string you along - we wanted to offer it years ago. We simply underestimated the effort involved. If you bought a Tempest based on the promise of SmartThings, we’d be glad to offer you a refund. But if you can hold out a few more weeks, we’ll get there!


Weeks? It’s been months! I’d like to help test what ya got! At this rate ours almost feeling like I’m gonna have to write my own integration code unfortunately… And I’d rather help than run parallel paths… Just saying…

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Hello. Actively tracking this topic as well. Almost a year later, any updates on SmartThings native?