SmartThings Integration Available

A SmartThings community member has just released an Edge Driver for Tempest integration. Details and instructions are here


Thank you for posting this. It looks like you have this up and running. Is there any chance you would be interested in helping me do the same? I have installed the Edge Driver and have edgebridge server up and running. I am receiving a 404 error when I try to refresh the weather data. Any help would be appreciated.

The 404 (not found) means the URL you are using to look up your forecast data is not valid.

Make sure you have the SmartThings device configured so that the URLs are in this format
Current weather:


(Obviously replacing the X’s with the correct values for your setup)

Thanks I am now past that part but have another question if you don’t mind. When configuring the settings for Edge Weather, I seem to be struggling with values that come back from the API call. Is there any chance you can point me to where I can find out what returned as imperial, vs metric? For example temperature, or pressure or precipation rate ore even wind speed. I am sure this information is on the weatherflow site but I am struggling to find it.

It’s documented here: Tempest API

Short answer, temp = C, pressure is mbar, precipitation rate is mm/hr, wind is M/s

Duh! I was scrolling right past it. Thanks.

Hello all,

New to this whole server and API setup.

I followed the instructions but feel I am missing something. I downloaded Edge and launched. After launch I see no existing registrations, forwarding Bridge server, and the IP and port. I installed the driver and added the Edge device in SmartThings. Here is where I think I am off. I created the token authorization using a GUID like the example. I used the Tempest page. I entered it along with the URL, divide id, and have confirmed the settings. Edge pulled some data in the default settings but will not update now. I see no activity from the Edge Server window and no error. I did put the config file in the same folder with the edge application and modified it to include the token I created. Honestly, not sure what I a doing wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.