SmartMixin Weather now compatible with Tempest

Just tap the title of your station to see a drop-down of all the stations tied to your account.

Hello, can anyone help for finding other weather stations on smart mixin when you add other stations and add them as favorites how do you access each station after you add them? I don’t see anything saying favorites so I can look at each one I saved. Thanks

Click on the weather station title (top of the screen). A menu opens with the list of all your favorite stations.


Ok I tried what you said however when I click on the header station I get a dark screen with a little symbol at the bottom right that gives me the option to bring up all the weather stations not the ones that I saved to favorites. So I must be doing something wrong.

I’ve just realised that a bug appeared on the last iOS version (1.27.0). I suppose you are on that version (you can check at the bottom of the left drawer).

A new version is on its way with a fix.

Thankyou, one more question, do you know why I’m seeing a wind chill number always below the real temperature when there is no wind? Thanks

FYI, the fixed version (1.27.1 just landed on the App Store).

Windchill is not displayed within SmartMixin. Where did you see it?

Sorry my good man it’s called real feel on the far left side it runs approx 4degrees lower then the outside temperature how is that calculated I’m not really sure. Thanks

That’s beautiful with the favorites now , really appreciate your good work, I’m noticing with several of the stations I selected that they are not reporting, like they are down or something. Is that the fault of their stations, and when it says last update was several minutes or much longer till their station updates. Mine says a minute ago or a few seconds you can’t beat that.

Hello sir, is there any way to see both of my tempest weather stations on your site? Right now it only picked up one of them for viewing. Thanks