SmartMixin Weather now compatible with Tempest

Hi Tempest owners,

SmartMixin now supports Tempest weather stations.

SmartMixin is a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices. It provides:

  • Live data
  • Historical data (charts and tabular/calendar views). You can compare data with previous period (compare today’s temperature with yesterday or the year before…).
  • Analytics (monthly/annual reports)
  • Rain radar
  • Hourly/Daily weather forecasts and comparison between forecast models (GFS, Arome, Arpege, ICON)

Give it a try and let me know what you think.!

iOS: ‎SmartMixin Météo dans l’App Store


Hi Vincent,

Here are the things I found.

  1. When I installed the App onto my Samsung Tab A mobile phone from the play store the spinning timer waiting for it to download continued spinning for several minutes. I cancelled and tried again, and checked the size was 10Mb and wondered why. So I rebooted my phone and used your link to access the download. But it indicated that it had already loaded and offered me the ‘open’ button.
  2. I opened the App, created an account, searched for stations nearby and it does not show Tempest stations nearby.
  3. I selected to open my Tempest station and it sent me to the web link to get my API key. But I logged into weatherflow and was simply at my weatherflow page with no instructions how to find my access key.
  4. Because I know how to get a key I selected settings and burrowed down looking around for the Data Authorisation link. There I chose to create a new key and added the name ‘smartmixin weather’ for myself to remember the purpose of the key that I would be passing on to the App. Selected copy to paste into the App.
  5. Switched back to the Smartmixin weather App and pasted the key into the token window. Clicked connect.
  6. Wow it is working and now I am looking around it.
    I am impressed that because I have 3 stations on my account that they are all available from the drop down.
    And the rain radar is right there :slight_smile:
    I changed my units to suit.
    I can not read the air pressure either portraight or landscape.
    The numbers are scattered about wasting space and require me to scroll to see more.
    The layout on my 8" Tab A of the current values does not really work very well. I will post a screen dump from that device later.
    Then I went looking for your amazing graphs but came up against requiring a new credit card to be entered to pay for a subscription. I agree you can expect to be paid and that I am happy to pay for your work but at this moment I do not feel like I want to give google my credit card details. So I can not see your graphs.

  1. I just checked my emails and found an activate account email, but I had not activated it, and yet the App works without the email activation.
    cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the very detailed feedback. I’ll try to answer all of your points.

  1. The installation process is independent of SmartMixin.
  2. There is no Tempest stations on the weather map because third-party applications are not allowed to show Tempest station data to non-owners unless a commercial agreement has been signed (which is not the case). See Tempest API Remote Data Access Policy
  3. I know this is frustrating. There is no redirection after the login process on the weatherflow Tempest web app :frowning_face:. This is something that Weatherflow dev team can probably enhance :wink:.
  4. Units should have been the right ones dependening on your language and phone settings. Could you tell me which one it was and the ones you had to change in order to fix that?
    The font looks very weird, this is not coming from the app and that’s the reason everything looks very strange on your screenshots (fonts are way too big and icons are not properly coloured). Do you have a custom setting on your phone that would explain this?
    Concerning subscription: I am spending all my time on this application and this is the only way I can keep working on it. The first 7 days are free (if you cancel during that period, you won’t be charged by Google or Apple) for everyone to have a look at everything that the app has to offer.

Best regards,

The wind speed units were kmh but I use knots on weatherflow setup, and changed them to knots.
Everything else were correct units, deg C, and mm rain.
This phone is a Tab A 8inch, the font size in settings is at 7 out of 8 , font style is default and bold setting is on.
But this is an odd size phone. Most people use smaller phones than this. I have this size to be able to see everything bigger and clearer than normal people.
So just now I reduced my font size from 7 out of 8 down to 4 out of 8 and I could read the air pressure correctly to 1 decimal place. And when I went back to your app it automatically refreshed its sizes when I went back to it while it remained open.
And my phone is on light mode. The background changes to black when I switch to dark mode. But then grey text in this app for example is difficult to see so I use light mode generally.
And point 3. An average user would like instructions from your App explaining where to find the access key from your link. Weatherflow provide this forum for users to ask how to find their key, but that is really for those of us who understand what we are looking for. You could describe how to get the key from that link.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Why is it saying tempest unavailable at this time try later?

I’ve checked and it might happen in 2 cases:

  1. Weatherflow servers are not responding
  2. API key you entered is erroneous

If the message occurred when trying to connect after entering you token, I guess the case you enter in is the second one.

I will fix this in the next release for the message to be “Erroneous token”.

On iOS after entering the API key the app showed a black screen and after force quitting the app and opening the app again it just closes down.

@vincent.toupet This is really cool!

I installed the app on an M1 Macbook Air and it’s working great! Tempest token worked on the first try. Let me know if you need me to test anything on this hardware. Thanks so much!


Install was without issue (took a moment to input the key)
Radar (is very WU like as it’s transition of each time frame is slow and jerky plus its playing by default whereas I would prefer it paused @ current time) is what drew me to the app but the other stations on the map is a good feature.
Nice work but I shan’t be purchasing sub’ as I don’t really care for tables.

I’ve identified the problem. A new release is on its way fixing that problem. In the meantime, You can uninstall and reinstall the app (or clear the application cache). Log in again and everythinig will be working normally.

That’s good to hear! I did not know that it could work on a Mac M1. Not sure the layout looks great. Could you send me some screenshots (use so this thread won’t be spammed)?

I’ll change the play preference of the rain radar for the next release. I know transitions between time frames are horrible at the moment. I’ll try to find a way later on.


Really nice App. Very easy to set up. I paid for the premium version which is worth every penny. Thanks for a great App!!

Hello, anyone know now that I have tempest with SmartMixin app, it’s showing me the outside temperature under the dew point instead of the dew point temperature? Is this feature not working ? Thanks

palmhead5, I moved your post in this one. Also use the ‘@’ option to call someone in. This way he gets a little warning he needs to pop in

In this case @vincent.toupet or contact him directly as he mentioned at :slight_smile: He’ll help you.

Dew point is working properly when temperature is above 0°C (32°F). The formula was only valid for temperature greater than 0°C. I guess you are having negative temperatures at the moment, is that correct?

The thing with dew point is that there are so many formulas, it’s hard to select the one that fits everyone’s need.

I’ll spend some time to review this topic.

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Yes you are right about my temperature below 32 I wasn’t aware that is how it is set up, if that is how it must be, instead of a true dew point no matter what the temperature, then I’ll just have to look elsewhere for the correct dew point when the temperature is below 32degrees. Thanks a lot for your information

Vincent, you might use the same formulas as WeatherFlow maybe ? they are all listed in this page

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You are right @eric.

I am updating the formula to match the one provided by Weatherflow. This will be fixed and included in the next release (probably tomorrow).

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Hello , May I also ask when you have 2 tempest stations is there a way to see both of my stations on your site, ? I see that my station 00048435 was the one that was selected, I also have station 00045352 do I get a second token for that somehow or can I only have the one station I have now?

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