Smart Weather Station Third-Party Applications


Updated: 20 February 2019

This is an ongoing list of third-party applications that directly or indirectly support or use data from WeatherFlow. I will be updating and revising the list during the first two weeks in November.

(Applications are placed in alphabetical order)

Applications directly supporting WeatherFlow

ArchiveSW - Display & Data Archive Storage

Weather Display

WeatherFlow PiConsole

WeatherFlow unofficial ‘Smart Weather Station’ Map

WeeWX UDP driver

WX Console and Uploader

Applications indirectly supporting WeatherFlow

ISY Node Server

ISY Polyglot Node Server


WeatherFlow Application for Homey

Weather Station WordPress Plugin

WeatherFlow HomeSeer plug-in


Good weather app
Ability to add start up rainfall and correct daily rainfall totals
Weather-Display aka Weather-Watch
Change in graphing rain rate
Rainfall not reset to zero at midnight in Turkey (resolved)
Minimum and maximum amounts
Can you retrieve the data
Accumulated weekly & monthly Rainfall totals

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